SSWL comes up with good Q4 and a good Year


As expected, SSWL comes with a great Q4 and a great year. As per our expectations margins are expanding continuously and shows that the company is really working towards making the margins better.

Please find below the Q4 and FY 15-16 results of SSWL…


Sales has remained more or less flat in both quarterly and yearly numbers. However with new plants coming in and new orders flowing in for export, company should do better in this front too.

Company is in a continuous margin expansion mode, every quarter the operating margins are getting better. That is reflected in yearly results too. The process of margin expansion process should continue.

With margin expansions, profits too are going up. Net profit is up by 54% at a quarterly level and 55% in a yearly level.

EPS too has expanded to 39.9 levels compared to 25.8 levels last year. With the new EPS now the PE comes to around 10.5.

Overall, things look good. Those who are holding should hold tight for more gains. Those who are willing to buy can do so around Rs. 350 if the price comes there.


4 thoughts on “SSWL comes up with good Q4 and a good Year

  1. One of the things I like about your recommendations is that you also advise on the right buying price range. Other bloggers don’t do that and lot of retailers end up buying at risky prices.


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