We are your friend!


We are megabaggers. We believe in making it ‘mega’.

We are a new age financial Startup with the goal of inclusive financial growth.

Our mission is to make retail investors rich. As biggies look at retail as targets, we want to turn the table for bigger good.

We are a community of passionate investors working with the ‘biggies’ over decades, with illustrious career in investing and trading. This time we would play for bigger India.

With more than 50 years of total team experience we have learned about a few truths of investing and trading that can save and build money fast. Here is a small effort from us to make all retail investors successful in stock market and thereby helping them to reach their financial dreams faster.

We have passed required NISM exams and waiting to get green signal from SEBI to be counted as a SEBI certified analysts. Just a matter of days!

For any quary | confusion | help | hand-holding please reach out to megabaggers@gmail.com


13 thoughts on “We are your friend!

  1. Hi, Just saw your blog.
    1. Would be helpful if you stated whether the recommendation is BSE or NSE or both.
    2. Add Exit strategy or Exit price.
    3. Add performance or facts abt company if recommendation is still alive.
    Best wishes.


  2. Dear megabagger
    I congratulate u for this new initiative from u guys.
    I can sing praises for ur guys but i reckon your efforts have put u beyond sung praises so let that b unsung on my part.
    You guys hav talked about RETAIL INVESTOR , OK, In the stock world retail investor r ever willing to inpose faith in honest experts/ advisors .
    Hope u too know that AND will be honest enough to keep that FAITH INTACT.
    May u succeed in what u have inititaed i.e. FAITH.
    Dr. Sudeep Singh


  3. sir, i am confused on vishnu chemicals– i think made mistake of buying wrong stock since the q4-mar16 results are weak. please advice on future action.


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